Damage to Eurosat from shipping

Here you can see how the force from the drop pushed the CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives into the case, damaging the memory, motherboard and CPU. The powersupply and harddrive were also destroyed:

Here you can see that the CD-ROM and DVD-ROM (which are fairly light weight) were accelerated forcefully enough to break through the heavy-gauge metal restraints and penetrate into the interior of the computer (they required a great deal of force to dislodge):
This image shows the original foam packing from the upper corner near the power-supply (where the impact appears to have occurred). It was forceful enough to destroy the foam and leave a permanent impression of the powersupply fan on it. I would guess that the height of the drop was at least 2 meters given the force of the damage:
This image shows how the lower drive tore through the memory units and was stopped by the CPU fan. This destroyed both the CPU and the CPU fan:
This image shows how the memory units were torn from the motherboard, detroying both memory units and the motherboard:
These images show the damage to the memory units (there were 2 of them):
These images show the inside of the power supply unit. The force was enough to break the power transformers off of ther mountings within the unit: